Knitter's Graph Paper Journal

Image of Knitter's Graph Paper Journal

The Knitter's Graph Paper Journal has been thoughtfully designed by Narangkar Glover of Rowan Morrison Books. With all the pleasing qualities of a classic exercise book, it comes with features designed to be of use to knitters.

The graph paper printed throughout features a rectangular grid. This grid reflects the true dimensions of knitted stitches, making this ideal for charting designs for intarsia, stranded colourwork, lace, and cable-knit designs. The inside covers are filled with charming hand-drawn cheat-sheets and guides, including standard yarn weights and a to-scale inch ruler, in case you need to measure your knitting and do not have a ruler or measuring tape to hand.

Soft covers and saddle-stitch binding make it easy to stash in any knitting bag, and at 128g it's light enough to travel wherever you - and your knitting - need to go.



  • measures 8″ x 10″
  • 52 pages
  • 26 perforated sheets (in the second half of the book, pages may be easily torn out)
  • Bright White Opaque Paper with light blue grid lines printed in 6 x 8 stitch gauge
  • Bold lines every five blocks for stitch-counting
  • Saddle Stitch binding with rounded corners
  • Lays flat for expanded charts
  • Kraft Brown Cover

Inside cover includes:
needle check list
yarn weights
fabric care

Published by Rowan Morrison Books
Made in Oakland, California, USA